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About Us

On June 5th, 2008, Widdershin’s was established as an Adult and Meaningful locale offering a variety of Metaphysical Books, Herbs & Unique Items for individuals whose lives are rich with interest about life's mysteries, various Cultures and their earliest traditions. Now more than ever individuals need Magick, the Elegance of Truth and to know the value of Intellect and Community.

You're welcome to email us with questions concerning beliefs. We have no bias. But don't expect a canned pitch, or role-playing - you will be told whether a religion is grounded in Greater Things than ones-self or if it is a lost technology, a poor interpretation, something made-up to keep children and laborers inline, or just plain politics mixed with a good amount of greed and whiskey. If we don't have the best answer, we will refer you to a reputable source that does.

Like no other shop in Greenville, we promote and offer issues of hard to find and popular books, ritual supplies, herbs and "other curiosities". We have neither bias nor agenda other than to make available whatever you seek and create a feeling of close Community. No matter what silly corporations in America believe - we know our clients possess the maturity and intellect to make adult decisions in respect to their spirituality and health.

The owner of Widdershin’s is a traditional Magickian raised in a family of Magickal Tradition documented to 1120 CE Scotland. He actually researches what we offer. He seeks out companies that the corporate-warehouse-book-stores cannot work with, and is involved with the REAL Magick Community - not Role Players.

Consultation is available when you call our shop at (864) 294-0200 during business hours. Whether you're a researcher, dealing with a personal concern, or if you desire to locate an item, email or call us. You have nothing to lose and you will save time trying to guess if something is or isn't right for you. Time is your most precious asset - call us - we're glad to be of service.