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Snoring Cat Elemental Oils
Elemental Oils are made with ingredients specific to each of the four Elements.
They are made to be used to attune to the specific qualities and energies associated with each element.

Earth (Gnomes)
To promote peace, fertility, money, business success, stability, growth, employment, etc.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Air (Sylphs)
To promote travel, communication, intellect, eloquence, divination, inner freedom and spirituality.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Fire (Salamanders)
To promote courage, defense, physical strength, magickal power, communication, will power, and purification.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Water (Undines)
To promote love, healing, peace, compassion, dreams, reconciliation, sleep, purification, friendship, psychic abilities, and working with the emotions.
.5 oz. - $10.00

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