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I Herbs

Herbs also available in Bulk

Widdershin's Apothecary offers hundreds (around 400, check the Curio Page also) of herbs, woods, minerals and resins of high quality, for any magickal need for your own preparations, rites, or workings. All our botanicals are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Herbs are either certified organic, organic, wild-crafted or grown locally. All items are sold by weight. Internet orders are packaged in convenient 1-ounce quantities in reusable zip lock Baggies.

We are always adding new items to our stock!
This list was updated April 2009

Irish Moss 1oz.
Carrageen, Pearl Moss

Magickal Uses: Irish moss brings luck. Carry or place under rugs for prosperity. Stuff poppets with the moss for luck and money.
Iron Weed 1oz.

Magickal Uses: Use in Exorcism, Protection and Chastity workings.
Ivy 1oz.
Magickal Uses: Ivy is carried by women and brides (woven into marriage wreaths) for fidelity and general good luck. It guards against negativity and disaster. Since it is ‘paired’ to holly, use it in fertility and love charms.

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