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K Herbs

Herbs also available in Bulk

Widdershin's Apothecary offers hundreds (around 400, check the Curio Page also) of herbs, woods, minerals and resins of high quality, for any magickal need for your own preparations, rites, or workings. All our botanicals are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Herbs are either certified organic, organic, wild-crafted or grown locally. All items are sold by weight. Internet orders are packaged in convenient 1-ounce quantities in reusable zip lock Baggies.

We are always adding new items to our stock!
This list was updated April 2009

Kava Kava 1oz.
Ava, Ava Pepper, Ava Root, Awa Root, Intoxicating Pepper

Magickal Uses: The root is made into an infusion and then drank as a tea for protection against evil and to bring good luck. If left to steep overnight in the refrigerator, it enhances psychic powers and induces visions.

Caution: Drinking too much of the tea may cause kidney damage.
Kinnikinick 1oz.
Arberry, Bearberry, Bearís Grape, Uva Ursa, Mealberry, Mountain Box, Mountain Cranberry, Red Bearberry, Sagackhomi, Sandberry

Magickal Uses: An herb traditionally used by Native Americans to increase visions. Add it to sachets for this purpose

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