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Snoring Cat Magickal Oils
Our Magickal Oils have been formulated for magickal or ritual use, to help create the correct atmosphere and vibration to bring about the desired result.

Universal Anointing Oil
Generally utilized to bless candles before being used in rites. It is said to magnetize the candle and give them greater occult strength.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Astral Travel Magickal Oil
Used to anoint brow before astral traveling. .
.5 oz. - $10.00
Magickal Oil of Attraction
A highly magnetic blend used to draw only positive vibrations, Attracts love, money, luck and power.
.5 oz. - $6.50
Magickal Oil of Banishing
Used to banish all influences after magical work has been completed.
.5 oz. - $9.50
Magickal Oil of Blessing
Sprinkle all around the room to cleanse & purify it. Rub a little oil on your body to cleanse your spirit prior to ritual..
.5 oz. - $9.50
Cleopatra Magickal Oil
Entices a stranger to secretly desire. Excites and arouses those you love to come forward and respond.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Magickal Oil of Commanding
Used at the 1st degree initiation ceremony.
.5 oz. - $5.00
Magickal Oil of Concentration
Anoint forehead with small amount to aid in solving a problem.

Do not use if pregnant!
.5 oz. - $9.00
Magickal Oil of Controlling
Utilize in love rituals.
.5 oz. - $7.00
Magickal Oil of Glowing Health
Used in candle magic, talismanic magic, or anything pertinant to healing rites.
.5 oz. - $5.00
Hex Breaker Magickal Oil
Utilized to break all Hexes and Curses.
.5 oz. - $8.00
King O'the Woods Magickal Oil
Used by men.
A sexual domination formula.
Can also be used by females to attract other females.
Males seeking to attract other males should use Satyr oil.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Satyr Magickal Oil
Used by women.
A sexual domination formula, can also be used by homosexual males.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Lady Luck Magickal Oil
Use only for gambling, will assist you in winning with regularity. Use oil in a bath for those seeking prophetic dreams or a change of luck.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Magickal Oil of Prosperity
This formula is used to draw on positive energies for the benefits bestowed both on the spiritual plane as well as the physical.
.5 oz. - $7.00
Magickal Oil of Love
A highly magnetic blend, which is used to help draw potential lovers and friends to your side.
.5 oz. - $6.50
Love Breaker Magickal Oil
Used by self, if a split in a love affair or marriage is desired. Can also be used to rid yourself of undesired attentions.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Love Me Magickal Oil
Increases sexual magnetism & potency. Use sparingly as can be very strong. May be used to anoint candles in love rituals and also makes a fine aromatic bath mixture.
.5 oz. - $8.00
Lucky Lodestone Magickal Oil
An excellent all round oil for developing good fortune & changing bad luck to good.
Contains a Lodestone.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Magickal Oil of Meditation
A special mixture designed to give off vibrations necessary for meditation or other spiritual work. Especially good for psychic endeavors. A strong spirit attractant & will tend to add success to any ritual.
.5 oz. - $9.00
Money Drawing Magickal Oil
Use in any ritual to bring money into the home.
The oil can be used to anoint green candles in candle magic or the powder sprinkled in the cash register to attract money into the business.
.5 oz. - $6.00
Sacred Oil of Abra Melin (Crowley Version)
This rare oil is hand-made with the ingredients of the original: Cinnamon, Myrrh, and Galangal in Virgin Olive Oil. The ratio of these ingredients is carefully maintained to assure the proper balance of their properties. Often people substitute many different herbs and resins to make Abramelin incense, but we prefer to stay with the original ingredients.

It is known that this oils powerful nature is of the male and female centered together. This sacred oil is hand blended, infused, and exposed to air to bring forth its incredibly intense potency. While this oil smells immediately of male fire, it is countered and balanced by potent and powerful water energy of the female, known to create an energy that draws out the potent sexuality of both men and women. It can also bring energy of levity and joy infused with passion.

Abramelin has been recommended for certain Tantric experiences and serious ritual involving Thelemic energies.
.5 oz. - $18.00
Magickal Oil of Uncrossing
To be used sparingly, Very Powerful.
Used when you believe you have been hexed or cursed, will break the spell and protect you from further attack.
.5 oz. - $30.00
Queen Oil
Used only by women. Producer of passion, attracts both love & success.
.5 oz. - $10.00
King Oil
Same as Queen oil except this oil is to be used only by men.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Devils Master Magickal Oil
Used as a personal anointing oil.
One of our most popular oils.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Magickal Oil of Instigation
A wonderful blend designed to make others initiate new projects. Adds to their creativity and helps them accomplish difficult endeavors.
.5 oz. - $10.00
High John the Conqueror Magickal Oil
The foremost of blessing and protection oil. Utilized for uncrossing purposes. One of our most popular oils.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Magickal Oil of Confusion
Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you.
Breaks most forms of Hexes.
Works better if the Hex is new, but is a good idea to keep some at hand in case of emergencies.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Lost & Away Magickal Oil
Said to be one of the most powerful to rid yourself of someone you donít want around.
.5 oz. - $10.00
Obeah Oil
A powerful African oil used to bless churches and voodoo prayer rooms. Protects against evil in all forms. Use to anoint white candles or use in a bath to cover yourself with its protective essence.
.5 oz. - $10.00

And more coming soon!

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