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Snoring Cat Planetary Oils
Planetary Oils are made with ingredients specific to each planet.
They are made to be utilized to attune to the specific qualities and energies associated with each planet.

Sun Magickal Oil
Used to promote healing, protection, success, illumination magical power, physical energy, and to end legal matters.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Moon Magickal Oil
To promote sleep, prophetic dreams, psychic awareness, love, healing, fertility, peace, compassion and spirituality. Also rites concerning the family.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Mars Magickal Oil
To promote courage, aggression, healing after surgery, physical strength, politics, sexual energy, lust, exorcism, protection and defense.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Mercury Magickal Oil
To promote intelligence, eloquence, divination, study, travel, self improvement, overcome addictions, break negative habits, and communication.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Jupiter Magickal Oil
To promote spirituality, meditation, money, prosperity, business, and settle legal matters.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Venus Magickal Oil
To promote love, fidelity, reconciliation, beauty, joy, youth, happiness, pleasure, luck, friendship, compassion, and meditation.
.5 oz. - $12.00
Saturn Magickal Oil
To promote vision, wisdom, protection, purification, longevity, banishing, exorcism, and endings especially when concerning the home.
.5 oz. - $12.00

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