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· Teas · Tisanes · Baths · Ritual Liquid Fire ·

Teas - Teas to aid in Ritual and Magick.

Tisanes - What are Tisanes? The word tisane comes from the Greek word ptisanç, referring to crushed barley, a reference to a drink made from crushed pearl barley. Simply put, tisane is a fancy word for “herbal tea.” Actually, tisane (also, “ptisan”)is the better and more accurate term because most herbal “teas” by definition contain no actual leaves from the tea bush. Because they do not contain any actual “tea” leaves, tisanes do not have caffeine. Tisanes are generally made from fresh or desiccated plant components such as leaves, flowers, crushed seeds, roots, hips, fruit, or stems. The plants and herbs used in tisanes may be selected for either flavor, homeopathic or magickal properties.

Baths - Baths created for various Magickal Traditions to aid in Ritual Preparation and Magickal Workings.

Ritual Liquid Fire - Simular to what was anciently known as "Greek Fire", combustable potions that may contain alcohol, tinctures, magickal oils, and herbs. For burning in the cauldron. A very theatrical effect that is ideal for Ritual Gatherings.