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A Circle needing a Coven

Widdershin's has established the FIRST Public Pagan Circle in Greenville, SC. It is in our garden area adjacent to our store.

Now we are hoping to find a High Priest or Priestess or coven/grove/group that is needing a Circle to hold Rites in.

We have (and will continue to do so) made sure that each of the Holidays have been observed and open to the public since Mabon 2008. But this is not what we at the store want to be doing. Our goal is to supply the items needed for both Pagan Worship and the practice of Magick, not perform Rituals.

We also have many enquiries by both solitaire and new-comers as to where to go for classes and find a group. Unfortunately we have not had good answers for these questions, but would love to be able to tell people about "your group".

The only requirement that we ask is that the Rituals for the Holidays be open to the public. We realize there will be rites and ceremonies that a group will want to be closed to the public. We have no problem with this, as long as the Holidays are open.

If interested call us and let's talk.

(864) 294-0200


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