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Widdershin's Community Room

Well, we finally got it open and here it is!
This is the room for Classes an other indoor events...or just to hang out, maybe meet new people, read a book or research on the computer.
Remember, we also have free WIFI

This is as you enter the Room.
It really is bigger than it looks here. We also seem to have "guests' that wanted to be in this picture.

This is from standing in front of the bookshelf (you'll see it in the next picture). The computer has numerous ebooks on it for you to use. Many interesting books and hard to find Grimoires. The computer can also be used for classes. The sign on the door (The Owl & The Raven) is a memento from our first store that we opened in 2005. Boy have we grown!

Ah-ha! The bookshelf. For your reading pleasure while in the Community Room. A little bit about many things. And notice the comfy chair too!

And now you see where we came in at. The TV is for use when just hanging out as are the DVDs and Videos below. It is also available for use during classes (USB & IPod & MPEG-4 connections).
(P.S. 1000 Watts of noise.)

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