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A Doppelganger would be your ghostly double, vague and transparent. The term Doppelganger is adapted from German doppel, meaning "double", and ganger, translated as "goer". It also refers to your double, most commonly in reference to as your evil twin, or to bi-location; the appearance of an individual in two places simultaneously.

Alternatively, the word is used to describe a phenomenon where you catch your own image out of the corner of your eye. It is said that seeing one's own Doppelganger is an omen of death. A Doppelganger seen by friends or relatives of a person may bring bad luck, or indicate an approaching health problem.

Your Doppelganger will cast no shadow, and have no reflection in a mirror or in water. It will provide you with advice, but this advice can be malicious. It can also plant ideas in your mind or appear before your friends and relatives, causing confusion