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A presentation filled with humor, excitement, wisdom, compassion and insights drawn from her somewhat tweaked view on the world. In creating this workshop Chrystine draws on her experiences as an author, mystic, workshop leader, business executive, spiritual healer, minister, and more to create a unique and rewarding experience.

The workshop has three basic points or parts.

1. Reclaiming your power:
Society as a whole and our top down religious and social systems are based on a lord and servant model, shepherd and sheep, etc. Part of that is done by separating us from our power center in the 2nd chakra. In their model, anything below the belt is evil or nasty. So the first portion of the session deals with reclaiming our creative power and setting up proper boundaries (3rd Chakra) as part of becoming a balanced whole and powerful person.

2. Next we deal with the nature of fear. It is the closest thing we have to a true super power. It is not a negative emotion. It isn't even an emotion, it is a physical response. Like anger, if used properly it is an amazing tool. The Dragon is a metaphor for the fear.

3. In the last part we redefine success and failure to focus on the ride rather than the destination. We then address the question, "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

   Chrystine Julian

"All of this stems from my earliest lessons from my shamanic teacher. It is a class in practical spirituality. It is not derived from or connected to any particular spiritual or religious school of thought or organization. It is not about manifesting “stuff”, getting, owning or controlling “things.” There are no special affirmations, prayers or spells to bring happiness into your life. It is a workshop about bringing the happiness within you to the world.

Even though the economy and other issues have created a great deal of insecurity, I saw little being done to address it head on. The workshop arose from a "See a need and fill it" philosophy. Based on the responses, it appears to resonate20with a lot of folks. Within a few days I have booked a cross-country driving trip from Southern California, to Delaware, down the mid-Atlantic region and headed back home."

Some other information that may be of interest

I have published two books that are available worldwide: Sensual Spirit, poetry from the place where body and soul meet, and Meandering Mindfulness, poetry from the place where wander and wonder merge. My music is available on iTunes and other major music sites. I frequently perform on stages around Southern California with a blend of poetry and percussion.

A review of my latest book is available here.

I have led programs locally and across the country including corporate and spiritual drum circles, public speaking, shamanism, mysticism, poetry, sacred dance and more. My professional background is as a Corporate Director of Communications. I have also worked as a tarot card reader, shamanic healer/teacher, medium and psychic. I am a professional member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, Women's National Book Association-LA, certified hypnotist, Reiki Master and more.

The Dragon
(from Sensual Spirit)
by Chrystine Julian

I was afraid to go out, to love.
There was a dragon named fear
living quite near my home.

I avoided her for years.
She threatened to destroy
all I owned and all I ever wanted.

Most of the time she slept,
but upon occasion
she would quake and wake,

roaming about igniting bushes and trees.
I could not make her sleep forever.
I could never slay such a huge beast.

So one day as she snored.
I snuck up and
slipped a saddle on her

and cinched it tight.
Then I climbed on
and awakened her for a ride.

When you ride dragons, you fly.
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