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Just a few photos of our little Shoppe.

It seems the Shoppe is in a state of ‘temporal flux’ most of the time, so it may not look quite like these pictures when you visit.

Bringing Magick to Life!

Our Door Greeter

Entering the Shoppe
Books & Writing Supplies - Featured Items - Clearance Items

The 1st Hall

End of 1st Hall

Other end of 1st Hall

Candle Area in the 1st Hall

A section of our Blade Display

A section of our Blade Display

A section of our Blade Display

Swords – ask us what we can get!

Entering the Herb Room

The 1st Wall of Herbs

2nd & 3rd Wall of Herbs

Rare & Unusual Curios & Incense

Incense, Curious Ingredients & Tools

Snoring Cat Magickal Oils

The Cosmic Room
Divination – Jewelry – Garb – Custom Items…

The Cosmic Room

The Cosmic Room

The Cosmic Room

Beltaine Altar graced by ‘Athena’

2nd Hall – Gemstones – Black Mirrors – Chalices – Statues…

The Reading Room
Readings available – Tarot – Palm – Psychic – Crystal Ball – Past Life…

The Tarot Table

New Photos of The Community Room coming soon!


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