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Rune Definitions

Cooperation, symbol of Mankind Opening, creativity, dispelling darkness
Partnership, business or personal level Warrior, victory, strong male
Communication, any spoken word Growth, fertility, nurturing female
Home, property, inheritance Movement, physical change, swift results
Vitality, fitness, and health Flow, intuitive knowledge, strong female
Mystery, secrets and the occult Limitations, and interruptions
Restrictions, lessons to be learned Travel, journey of the body or soul
Successful completion, with new starts Good Luck, protection, unexpected opportunity
Defense, foresight and perseverance New beginnings, achievement and prosperity
Protection, new opportunities, friendship Obstruction, inescapable delays
Possessions, prosperity, overcoming opposition Wholeness, success, good health
Joy, accomplishments in love or career Rewards, also justice and legalities
Karma, the unknown, unexpected