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One of the major Orishas of the Santeria/Lukumi religion, and is symbolized by a Bow and Arrow. He is portrayed as a feral hunter; he is an uncompromising warrior.

Ochosi is the Orisha of justice, ruling over the justice system. He is the patron of those in trouble with the law, prisoners and the accused. He has power over jails.

Ochosi's Bow and Arrow are always pulled tight for quickness and accuracy to strike. He helps the practitioner to avoid traps and walk through dangerous situations unharmed.

Ochosi is also embraced as the Sorcerer Orisha of the Left-Hand Path; living in the forest, and Lord of the Hunt and of good or bad medicine - an accurate killer, shape-shifter and tracker, living in the cauldron, in the form of a metal Bow and Arrow.

He helps the faithful to find and follow the shortest path to their highest destiny. He is the Master of astral travel and dream-control.

Offer him your total, and continuous alertness. He drinks (as an offering) Anisette and Sweet Wine. The practitioner often wraps Red and Green yarn on the bow as well.