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Past Life Regression

Who were you in a past life?

Maybe you were a soldier or a king?
Maybe a nurse or a holy man?

Explore your past lives and find out for yourself! A hypnotic past life regression can help you explore and find these answers and explore the possibilities of reincarnation.

Here in the western world we are slowly coming around to the concept of reincarnation. For most of the world’s population reincarnation and karma are just a part of regular life.

Why do people get past life regressions?

Any number of experiences from our past lives may negatively affect us in this current life path. A person with a fear of water may have drowned in a past incarnation. A recent example of this is a client who came to see me because his left hand had always been weak. Under hypnosis he discovered that he had lost that very same hand in a sword fight. Once he came to this awareness he was able to finally gain more and more strength in that hand.

These kinds of stories are never ending…

Possibly one of the top benefits of a regression is the evidence it gives to confirm our constant evolution and change. It can help give a fresh perspective on life and give a realization of who we are and what we are doing here.

These past life sessions are best for clients who are intelligent and have good concentration. You will enjoy a very relaxing and deeply personal hypnotic experience. While there are many ways to go back into your past life cycles… You will find this peaceful hypnotic regression to be one of the most rewarding events in your life. Many clients report a long lasting peace and relaxation after wards that helps them clarity in their current life path.

Now that you can feel your interest peaking and your curiosity growing, pick up the phone and call now to learn more about scheduling your past life regression. Imagine being able to look back at your past life regression, more fulfilled and confident, knowing that you were able to reconnect with that vast wisdom of your lives lived past.

Find out Who you were. Scheduale a session with Jason Profit today!

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