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A practice that incorporates the use of Magick, environment, and specific cultural convention, effecting change both by mundane and divine means. WitchCraft is primal, intuitive, and intellectual -forerunner of priest, psychologist, and doctor.

Accounts of WitchCraft are found around the world, and in all records of humankind. WitchCraft has played an important role in the day-to-day life of ancient, and contemporary people.

Witchcraft has been shrouded by sensationalism -the fodder for those who would spread fear for the sake of their own enrichment. This includes pop-media. Truth be known, WitchCraft transcends every culture, with the primary purpose of the Witch to act in concert with the culture and the environment the Witch lives in.

The comparison of WitchCraft to various socio-religious conventions to explain it; is to invent confusion where there should be none. The disproportionate amount of resources paid to undermine WitchCraft is an example of "Thou dost protest too much" -if WitchCraft is not effective, then its denouncers would dismiss and ignore it. WitchCraft is potent and very real.