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Done to the Entity you desire, according to the tradition.

Incense, flowers, and food are pretty much universal. Other possibilities vary according to style, such as:

Hoodoo & Santeria: whiskey, rum, cigars, candles, etc.

Christian: Candles, incense, etc. (This happens to be where Hoodoo gets its tradition of using novenas)

Chinese: Joss paper, etc.

Japanese: Rice, sake, water, etc.

Indian (India): Leaves of sacred plants, liquors, jewelry, etc.

The descriptions given here are only examples. It depends entirely on exactly which Entity, the religion or tradition, what they are known to like or dislike in particular, how they prefer their offerings done and so forth.

Basic: Glass novena, incense, water, small food items, prayer, its seal if available, etc. $45
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Bigger: More of all of the above, liquors, seal drawn with specific inks on better material, fresh flowers, etc. $75
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Large: As above on a dedicated altar, consumable items, incense, flowers, and such replaced fresh each day for one week. $275
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Any of the above for a deceased loved one or friend (someone you knew when they were alive). You'll need to provide a photograph. Free for the basic novena & incense, 25% off for the other two listed. Basic is Free. Bigger - 55.00, Large - 200.00 Email for invoicing via PayPal

Email or call (864) 294-0200

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