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Spell & Shadow Workings

Spell"work`\, n. Power or effect of magic;
that which is wrought by magic;

There are many different types of Magical Workings ranging from long and highly ritualized Golden Dawn style invocations of God forms to simple Candle Magic Workings, all are valid and may work equally well as the complex ritual.

Magic can be found in virtually every religion there is. Christians pray to God or to Jesus for favors, Roman Catholics go one step further by petitioning saints for aid. Nichires Shoshu Buddhists chant a special formula to bring about changes on a material plane...etc, etc. The Roman Catholic Mass seeks to unite the worshipper with God through the sacrament of communion. Is not union with God the true Great Work, the ultimate magic ritual? The Working of Mgic is a true sacred and special gift/privilege of the Gods. Clearly care must be taken not to abuse it and to use the art ethically, discreetly and with respect.

All spellwork is performed after a consultation with you about your situation and options. Spellwork is done on a case-by-case basis after divination and consultation with Spirit. The spellwork we do may include Candle Magick (Setting Lights), mojo/hand bags, petitions, and prayers. We will explain to you what Work we plan to do for you once we 'talk'.

Fees for spellwork vary and cover ingredients such as candles, oils, herbs, and other curios as well as my time and any shipping costs and are paid prior to Workings.

All spellwork requires the names, birth dates, and preferably also photos of any parties involved. With all orders the more detail you can provide regarding the situation you require the spellwork for the greater chance there is of the desired results manifesting, as it allows us to better tailor the Working to your specific needs. We have found that people tell the barest details, and then after the Work is started, they suddenly tell a lot of factors that make the Work a lot harder, and would have helped to know in the first place. So please, do be as upfront as you can in the beginning. We will not judge, and if we don't want to do the Working, or feel we can't, then the information will be deleted and forgotten.

If the Work is on another person, while we don't need a link object, it helps. However, in most cases we will need a link object. After you send payment we will give you our mailing address. For client Workings we charge $25 per hour of Work. For an “hour” we count the time it takes to setup the candle for example, but not the entire time it burns. If we are doing an evocation, that will likely take a couple of hours of preparation and calling. In most cases all of the supplies we use are included in the price. However from time to time we may ask you to pay for the offerings for the invisibles (above and beyond any regular), rewards/trades they request (which you may have to do at your end), or the cost of an engraved seal if that is required. This sort of thing we can let you know ahead of time, and is usually optional anyways.

Similar to water, magic tends to take the easiest route. It is a subtle force; it will not call down thunderstorms and lightning when simple will do. As such, although not necessarily always, the results often involve people you know, or for other reasons may not be entirely obvious. Common examples are:
· For more money; your employer may offer you some overtime or a pay raise.

· To find love; your friends might wind up introducing you to someone or setting you up on a blind date.

· To curse someone; they may have financial trouble or become ill.
Also, keep in mind that it takes a lot of water and lot of time to break though a mountain. Examples that can take much longer or simply fail are:
· For money; subject doesn't work, isn't applying for jobs, or no one owes you anything.

· For love; subject doesn't socialize, or wish to ‘socialize’ or doesn't bathe regularly.

· Shooting lightning bolts from your arse, winning the lottery, finding treasure, etc.
While results are expected, if we accept the Work, results cannot be guaranteed.

We’re picky about using traditional recipes taught by experienced Workers or researched by ourselves, using only pure ingredients, not simply mixing together some essential oils according to whatever website or paperback happens to be convenient at the time.

We like them to actually work; it's just better for business!

Some of the areas we Work best are:
· Help with getting money, finding a job, getting a steady income, business success

· Motivation, inspiration, creativity

· Protection, cleansing, banishing, spirit removal

· Healing and health, enhancing the work of doctors and surgeons

· General good luck, gambling luck, and long-term luck

· Having a person move out of your life, getting rid of an enemy, helping your enemy to have a miserable week

· Spiritual connection, magical enhancements, setting up working relationships with various invisibles.

Fees & Services:
Unfortunately, we have had those who contracted with us for Workings and never paid, even though the desired results were forthcoming. Because of this, we now require payment before beginning most Workings. The more complex Workings may be eligible for payments depending upon the circumstances.

Custom Crafted Spell Candle: Hand crafted candles. We put a lot of time, energy, oils, herbs, stones, etc. in all of our candles. Burn these candles in the privacy of your own home. Upon your request, the wax can be poured into a container so no one will know what kind of candle you are burning. (Please burn candles responsibly and never leave unattended). All Custom Crafted Candles are $45.00.
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Candle & Incantation Working: A taper or altar candle prepared, carved, dressed with powders or oils, and/or consecrated according to classical tradition as needed for the specific Working. Ideal for simple or short-term desires that can manifest easily, they are often all that's really needed. $25

Email for invoicing via PayPal
A 7 Day Novena lit for a particular purpose and dressed with the appropriate fixings $40
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A 7 Day Candle dressed for a particular purpose and mailed to you for you to do the spell $25
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A 7 Day Candle lit for any Nasty Work $60
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A 7 Day Candle lit for nearly any entity of your choosing as an act of honor or worship for you $30
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A 7 Day Candle lit for a specific purpose and to a particular entity to help it along (our choice of entity) $40
Email for invoicing via PayPal
One Hour of Simple Spellwork is $35 (note this service does not come with email support. You email what you want done, we'll do our best to pull it off with an hour's worth of Work, then we'll email to let you know that it has been done. Keep in mind anything major isn't usually done with only an hour worth of spellwork or with only one spell).
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Two Hours of Simple Spellwork (see above) $65
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Four Hours of Simple Spellwork includes Work with link objects if desired $135 (this option comes with a reasonable amount of discussion about the Work, the possibilities, how we will go about it, and updates).
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A Reward, an Offering or a Gift givin in your name for a Deity, Angel or Daemon. Medium sized - $170
Email for invoicing via PayPal
A Large or Extra Special Offering given to a Deity, Daemon or Angel in your name $275
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Deity, Angel, Daemon or other living entity Evocation or Calling with a request and/or questions (our choice) $350
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Deity, Daemon, Angel or other living entity Evocation or Calling of your choice $600 (if it is one who doesn't want to work with us on that particular occasion or who we do not work well with, we'll send you a refund)
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Clearing your House of unwanted invisible guests such as dead folks, demons, poltergeists or whatever. This will be a month (or perhaps less) long working and works 90% of the time. Starting at $200 (This is only available in the Greenville, SC area)
Email for invoicing via PayPal
Custom Work for the more Difficult Cases. May require you to send us an object to Work with and generally includes the above and other services as well. Varies, $500 up

We can be contacted by Email for invoicing via PayPal or calling (864) 294-0200

Other Services Available

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While we believe 100% in the products that we make, and are practicing magicians, all of our products are for entertainment purposes only, results are not guaranteed. By purchasing any of the products or services on this website or from us, directly, you agree to this disclaimer.