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Custom Designed Sigils

The Art of Writing, once considered to be a Holy Act in itself, the document created considered a Treasure, those who could read it considered Priests. Histories given new Life, Knowledge preserved for the ages of future generations, an abstract concept given concrete form. In short, Magic. Sometimes the writing was there for explanation, a record of transactions, a religion, and a family genealogy. Sometimes the writing is not a representation of some other thing, but is the concept itself, a "Sigil".

The word “sigil” comes from the Latin sigillum, meaning a sign or signature. In magickal terms a sigil is a (unitary) glyph derived from a name, word, or magickal formula by means of a direct analogical process (such as numerical conversion and tracing upon magick squares [kamea]). If the appropriate process is reversed, then the name or word may be retrieved from the pattern of the sigil. However, if the sigil is condensed or compressed, or if it was generated by using a system that you are unfamiliar with, you may be unable to decipher it by reversing the coding process. This is particularly true of sigils that were created or obtained through trance or other non-standardized methods. In these cases, it may be necessary to examine them through intuition, divination, or “astral inspection” in order to determine any word, name, or meaning connected with them.

The important idea is that the seed or essence of a force, concept, or pattern is equally in the sigil and the name (logos). Sigil and name are the two facets of the same thing. They could be said to relate much the same as the Sanskrit terms yantra and mantra do.

To know its seal was to have power over it, and is the method by which you contacted it. Modern occultists use those, which were recorded in much the same way to evoke everything from planetary spirits to angels to daemons.

There are many applications and forms of sigils besides those of the Planetary Spirits and Intelligences.

Your own name can be converted to numerical form and traced on planetary kamea to provide a sigil of yourself in the aspect of that particular planet. This could be useful for work with talismans, ritual invocation, or direct meditation. There are many other uses and variations.

(The Aurum Solis uses a system involving presigilla associated with the ten Sephiroth, the Zodiac, and the elements. The appropriate presigilla is drawn before the commencement of the sigil proper. This method is found in the Mysteria Magica.)

It can be viewed a symbol of our intent. Sigils incorporated with other influences add direction and focus to spell work. Sigils may be traced in the air, carved on candles, drawn on paper and burned, etc. They can be designed in the style of the Rosy Cross, Planetary Square & Kameas, A. O. Spare / Chaote style, Wm. Barrett’s Aiq Bekar (The Magus), or Bind Runes in the Elder Futhark.

Different styles tend to be better for different sorts of work:

· Rosy Cross: For those with a taste for turn-of-the-century Judeo-Christian-flavored Golden Dawn style magics.

· Planetary squares: A medieval style with astrological associations, based on the classical writings of Agrippa.

· A.O. Spare / Chaote: A more modern approach based much on subconscious psychology and "charged" through various means.

· Bind runes: Ancient, mystical, powerful, representations of the raw forces of nature, sometimes have a bit of a mind of their own.

They can be used as a repeatable spell, as a focus for mantra or meditation, to give an extra kick to your own spellwork, as a talisman or amulet, as a logo or monogram, as the basis of a thought-form, to deliver spellwork to a target, or for most anything else you desire or can imagine.

While they have much overlap with Mojos, which are generally far more powerful, there are a few reasons you may choose to go with a sigil instead:
· Sigils are more suited to use as monograms, logos, seals, and meditation focuses, placed under candles, embroidered into altar cloths, etc.

· Sigils are easily reproducible and disposable, providing a large variety of other possible uses.

· A Mojo may simply be overkill, often takes a while to get the components for, takes time to ship, and costs a bit more.
They can also be drawn for you in magical inks appropriate to their style on various substances, and I can also refer you to someone who can engrave them into various metals and stones if you so desire.

To order a Custom Designed Sigil, designed for you and emailed to you, we require an explanation of what it is intended to do, how you intend to use it, and optionally what style you would like it done in. If you're not sure just email us and we'll work out the details. $50

Email or call (864) 294-0200

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